Allie Burrier. New York Bound.

I thought it would be fun to collect her bio . . . in her own words . . .
Allie Burrier is 22 and a recent graduate of the College of Charleston with a BA in Theatre Performance. She has loved acting and the stage since her first role in the 3rd grade as a “Sassy Toaster.” Allie is excited to pursue her career in acting and explore other avenues of her craft. She dreams of one day directing a film of her own, and hopes to use her passion to better the world around her and share God’s unfailing love.

I believe I was in the audience when Allie played “Sassy Toaster.”  It was a Faith Christian stage production, directed by Lora Strosnider, and Allie hasn’t stopped since. She’s at that place in her life where she has a powerful dream in her heart and she’s ready to make it happen. I’ll be in the audience when she debuts her first film, and I’ll be smiling just as wide.

I adore this girl:)

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