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Laurel. Optimizing Brain Health + Business Branding.

RootCauseology is the most recent creative brainchild of my beautiful, empathic, wildly bright childhood friend, Laurel Brennan. (she’s still Laurie Krebs to me!) Wife, mother to three amazing humans, yoga and occupational therapist, this Texas educated business owner is on the cutting edge of health and healing our community, one body at a time.

Her passion . . . her words . . . .The focus at Rootcauseology is to help women optimize brain health and reduce dementia risk by creating therapeutic partnerships and addressing root causes. We address many wellness areas including stress, sleep, nutrition, gut health, inflammation, insulin resistance, exercise, nutrient optimization, and toxic exposures. We are always seeking the “just-right” challenge when moving through behavior and lifestyle change and honor the truth that each client is their own best resource and guide.

What FUN to be involved in a creative collaboration with marketing consultant, Missie Wilcox and the lovely Laurel, who are both game changers!

Is it time for your brainchild to get a little rebrand? I’d love to partner with you!

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