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Ray. Lax904. Jacksonville.

It’s that time of year. Rebranding. Spring Cleaning. New Hope.

I have been rebranding House of RedBird, and am so excited, dear reader, for what is in store for the House. It’s sassy. It’s bold. And it’s being released soon.

On another, but equally exciting note . . . last weekend was a NCAA lacrosse mecca in Baltimore, and House of RedBird was there to capture some of the action.  Ray, the voice of Jacksonville’s Lax904 radio show made his way north to watch his hometown Syracuse boys battle it out.  Sadly, they did not win. Sadly, none of my teams won last weekend, but sometimes the win isn’t reflected in the score.

New professional head shots for Ray Carnicelli? That’s a win.

Book your session today. I will travel to you, because I kind of like that these days. Or you can come to me.  After all, everyone deserves a freshen up every once in a while.


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