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Sweet Caroline.



Meet Caroline. She’s my fifth of eight children . . . the middle of  three daughters. Being a middle child myself, I understand her need to be heard.   Caroline is quiet yet contemplative. Smart as a whip and ultra observant,  she  has quite a dry sense of humor, though I must be on my A-game to catch her commentary.

It brought me such joy to accompany her last weekend to The Carson Scholars dinner at Martin’s West in Baltimore, MD. Accompanied by her teacher, Mrs. Betty Bloomfield, a woman who has encouraged scores of kids in our county, we sat in the flow one of the most powerful alliances I have ever tasted.

It was a mastermind alliance with laser  focus, and major cred in my book.  The leitmotif?  Servant leadership. My walk away for the day?  Intelligence is a gift to be embraced accompanied by a responsibility to discipline, hone and grow without end, with the chief purpose of paying that gift forward.  Now THAT is a life giving message.

Recognition, well deserved. Responsibility, well defined.

Caroline’s bff, her sister Lily was right alongside cheering her along.


The vivacious Mrs. Betty Bloomfeld . . . the kind of teacher for which a mother prays.




Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candi . . . two equally well spoken and brilliant minds. Theirs is a mastermind alliance of the most POWERFUL kind.

Dr. John Mather, the Nobel winning physicist who has proven the science supporting the Big Bang Theory.



Fox News Correspondent, Chris Wallace, with a powerful message about it being the hardest worker, not the most talented man that makes it to the top of the heap.

Mr. Matt Stover, he of the golden foot,  spoke of overcoming failure with a positive mindset.


Our host for the evening was none other than Mr. Sam Donaldson. I sat in my chair, listening to great men and women speak, and looking at a room FULL of the future. Those kids have stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts. And I was encouraged.

What a gift.

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