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Wendy Williams of Wendy’s Face Place.



We whirled around, hair flying, eyes watering and laughing hysterically in our Brownie uniforms, skating the “crack the whip,” across the wooden planked floor. One of us ended up in the ER with a chin full of stitches. (not her) We both looked up to our older sisters and strove to be just like them, often feeling like we came up a smidgen short. We marched in the band together for three years and have a whole history of band trip stories.

Yup. My friend, Wendy and I go back a long way.

So, when I was feeling like I needed a little pick me up last spring I called my girl, and went in for a little refresher of sorts. Wendy hooked me up with some great products, and what’s better, she gave me a big fat dose of girlfriend love, and I left feeling like I could take on the world.

Go see Wendy. She’s gorgeous on both the outside and inside, and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve just had a bowlful of sunshine.



Wendy is currently a featured business woman of Howard County, and her spa Wendy’s Face Place is truly a blissful escape. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.


It’s a girl thing at Wendy’s Face Place!
As a licensed medical esthetician and makeup artist for over 18 years, Wendy Williams believes when you feel good about how you look, you feel better about your whole self.  She wants every  woman to have the clearer, healthier and more radiant skin she deserves.
Wendy provides superior customer service, and meticulously samples new skincare and make-up products to provide her clients only the best of what the industry offers.
She wishes more women would consistently celebrate themselves without excuse, even if that celebration simply comes in the form of a sparkly new lipstick or refreshed complexion.




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  • Heidi

    This made me cry!!

    Thank you for highlighting my sister and showing just how beautiful she truly is….inside and out!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Williams

    Kathy, Your photos are amazing…I follow you on facebook and so enjoy your beautiful work. But the photo of Wendy is amazing. The comments were so touching…I remember those days Brownies, of skating a Sportman’s hall, the day your received stitches, and the many evening of enjoying watching you both march. But what is so amazing is seeing what beautiful women inside and out you both have become, along with of your “big” sisters. What a joy to see both the Shilling Sisters and Williams Sisters grow into such spectacular women. Your very proud “Brownie Leader” and of course the William’s Sisters Mom….Sharon WilliamsReplyCancel

  • Carl Freundel

    Kathy: Again, how do you do this?! I so appreciate paintings, and how a gifted artist can guide their gentle hands with just the right palette of colors, lights and shades. But they start with nothing, and create what their heart visualizes any way they want. You are able to do that with living people, hearts that beat. Your canvas is already there. But like a fine sculptor, you peel away layers until you find the magic beneath. You capture the essence of the soul. You find what is not visible to the naked eye. You see people through your lens the way God sees them. And that is incredible. I do not know Wendy, but certainly, you bring this vivacious, “full of life and laughter” person out, and we are afforded the privilege of seeing her, as you say, “inside and out.” Great work. I can even see the friendship you have with her through your lens. I stand amazed.

    By the way, I always wondered how you got that scar on your chin…another life question answered!!ReplyCancel