Wendy’s Face Place.

I have been the recipient of all kinds of good for several years now. Know why? Because Wendy was taught well by her parents. She knows how to share, AND she believes that there is an abundance of good in life . . . more than enough to go around, so she gives, gives, gives, and I don’t just mean material things.

We have history.  Lots of it. But to illustrate Wendy let me go back to a snapshot taken 35 years ago.  Wendy and her big sister Heidi and me and my big sister Nancy were stair steps in our small country town.  As little girls, we were in Brownies together, her mom our fearless leader. My girls didn’t shun me when at Girl Scout camp I signed up for the latrine making badge, thinking I was going to make a beautiful lantern to take home. I was the solo Scout who learned how to properly dig a hole, crowning it with  a proper twig seat . . . because, after all, I am a lady.

Fast forward a couple years when Wendy and I and our sisters marched in band until Wendy left us to become a varsity cheerleader. We cheered for and with her!

Fast forward a couple of decades. Wendy called me to do some professional head shots for her as she was being featured in a Howard County publication for her work with women’s wellness.  As she opened the door to greet me, she loved me right into her heart again, saying, “I can’t believe it! Kathy Shilling is in my home!” I fell all over again.

Of course I went to her when my life hit a hard patch and I couldn’t eat or sleep. Because that’s what Wendy does . . . she helps people. She did not sell me the latest beauty product. She did not recommend laser treatments or a hydra facial, although those are all wonderful things.  She suggested I make an appointment with my doctor to have my hormones checked, change my oil to coconut, and eat an avocado a day . . . along with the water I would be consuming, I left with the hope of peace.

I could go on an on forever, but I’ll leave it at this. When I leave time spent with Wendy, my heart feels like it will burst with gratefulness.

Wendy is bliss. She is my friend. I am a grateful girl.

Wendy’s Face Place. No snake oil there. Check it out.


Yes, the revisit of Wendy’s head shots was facilitated by an upcoming feature in a national publication. I can’t tell you which one,  but suffice it to say that I know a rock star in the industry. And it couldn’t be happening to a harder working, more generous business woman.

Wendy and her man, Bob Blakeslee. They never make me feel like the third wheel and Bob is a true gentleman.  I grabbed him on his way out the door to work to jump in a shot. This is the man that spent an entire day in the Atlantic with five kids as his charge. He came out at day’s end with some scratch marks on his shoulders, some redness in his eyes and a BIG smile on his face. Giver.


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  • I have goose bumps, I have tears…you have touched my heart in many ways & I just want to say, CHEERS WENDY…you are a natural born leader with a heart that touches me to the CORE!!!! You are a true blessing and gift, thank you!

    Kimmie GarnerReplyCancel

  • Julie Egleston

    Beautifully, Beautifully done!!!! I love everything about this from the gorgeous pictures to the appropriate, wonderful comments about Wendy, her amazing husband and fantastic family! You can feel the LOVE that I’ve known has always been there!ReplyCancel