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Whoever Said There Are No Heroes in the Ghetto?

Yep, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

I’ve been on my own journey.

And it’s a joyful one. So, indulge me once again.

Because the details are in the fabric on this one, to quote my boy, Jason . . . .

Rewind to November. I’m in Tom Bond’s office at Helping Up Mission in Baltimore . . . taking a friend on a tour through my home away from home . . . and I see this incredible piece of artwork on Tom’s office wall.  Robin in the Hood.

“I need to meet him,” I say to Tom. And he laughs.

“I’m not kidding.”

It took one meeting with Shawn Colvin.  One hour of hearing his voice. . . .talk of his childhood in DC, his stint in foster care, his stepfather’s abusive hands, his chance meeting with an estranged father on a public bus . . .his season of hope . . .  his journey into addiction in LA. . . and his fight into recovery. It’s  the texture of his beautiful tapestry that captured me.

I sensed it immediately . . . incredible focus, drive, talent, joy, passion . . . and it’s irresistible. Yes, I was hooked.

So . . . .I brought my friend, Jerry Pope to meet Shawn.  Jerry, of our Giant commercial. Now, Uncle Jerry to our family.

Jerry is a Cannes/ Chloe award winning director who survived the challenge of working with a nervous “real mom” over the summer.  He told me  to trust him, and I did. And I survived. Actually, I thrived.

He, also, is driven by incredible focus, drive, talent, joy and passion. Jerry saw it in Shawn.  A story that needed to be told, and if Jerry Pope is anything, he is an amazing story teller.

And selfishly, I wanted to witness the birth of a beautiful relationship between artists.  The building of trust. The marriage of true minds.

It was bliss. And I think that makes me a mensch. Officially. Which is what I always wanted to be, anyway.

And the icing on the cake? Jeff Barklage  happened to be in town, and brought along his Epic . . . taking our little production to a new level.

So . . . take a look at my truly photojournalistic documentation of the synergy of three amazing artists converging.

























Keep your eye out for Shawn Colvin. Soul City is his movement.   Amazing graphic artist. That’s all I’m at liberty to say . . . but remember that name. And guess where  Robin in the Hood lives?  Well, let’s just say I made out on that deal:)


Who ever said there are no heroes in the ghetto?




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