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Laurian + Paul. E-Session.

These two make me smile . I’ve known Laurian for many years . . . we both worked at East End Athletic Club in the 90’s and while I’ve watched her rise to the top of her teaching profession, I’ve also watched her struggle through the challenges of life. Laurian has come into her own.  She has owned her life and has happy written all over her face.  Paul is the kind of man that will stand by Laurian’s side through thick and thin- I can tell by the way he looks at her and the way she looks back into his eyes.  They were high school sweethearts, after all, that have found one another again, and this time they’re not letting go.

Thank you, Laurian and Paul for reminding me that a real man will stand by his woman, no matter the cost, that love is about the little things, and the little things matter.

I am so excited for your Montague Meadows wedding next summer. It will be perfect and you both have waited so patiently to get here.  Thank you  for allowing me the privilege of capturing your love. Truly.LAURIANPAULBLOG-7075LAURIANPAULBLOG-1LAURIANPAULBLOG-7012LAURIANPAULBLOG-7019LAURIANPAULBLOG-7023LAURIANPAULBLOG-7036LAURIANPAULBLOG-7108LAURIANPAULBLOG-7138LAURIANPAULBLOG-7200LAURIANPAULBLOG-7227LAURIANPAULBLOG-7239LAURIANPAULBLOG-7249

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