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Abby + Reid. City Island Engagement.

I’ve learned so much from these two. Both competitive athletes, they’ve embraced their share of victories and disappointments and have allowed often painful experiences to shape them into an strikingly compassionate duo. They are honest, open-hearted, and truly care for one another in a way that belies their youth. I watched Reid plan and execute the day of Abby’s dreams with such caring and love.

When Reid gathered his team to plan the most perfect proposal for Abby, I was a YES!. Act I- Bona fide intimate proposal. Act II- family pop-up from behind the retaining wall. Act III- soiree at The Cracked Pot, a favorite coffee shop where Abby works. Act IV- something about Margaritas and basketball for the combined Messiah University men’s soccer team and women’s lacrosse team. I am feeling the love, and hope you can see it too.

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