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Gina + Matt. E-Session.

Her stomach would fill with butterflies at the sight of his last name on the books, and then when he’d appear, all the girls would clamor to catch a glimpse . . . after all, Gina had been telling her cohorts about this handsome guy who brought his dad to the dentist.

He always accompanied his dad to the exam room,  but that serendipitous day he chose to linger . . .  after all, a gorgeous brown-eyed girl was manning the front desk.

Their first real connection cruised  along until she overheard her father, the dentist, joking with his dad, the patient. It was something about horses, blankets and  chickens- something about a dowry and the flirting going down at the front desk and lots of guffawing. Dentist Dad then announced to Matt that Gina would be obliged to provide a phone number, should he be interested.  Her face- scarlet. His face- hopeful. They sheepishly exchanged numbers, but he didn’t ask. She waited.

He waited. He waited until he could wait no longer. It must have been a whole twenty minutes before he called her cell and invited her to dinner. They had their first date the next night- and they were done. They discovered how much they truly had in common. He’s a surgeon. She’ll soon be a nurse. And after all, any guy who accompanies his dad to the dentist- how do you beat that?

It was fast and furious. And their love is pure and passionate.  By the way he tenderly brushes the hair back from her eyes so he can see them clearly to the way she looks when he whispers in her ear, I can tell . . . he loves her deeply and fully. They are MAGIC together and their springtime Tremont Grand wedding is going to be off the hook. With Fred Behney driving the train and Jamie Leboe’s artistic touch, coupled with floral design by Flowers and Fancies Stanton Wingrat . . . well, it going to be stunning.










Gina + Matt . . . you both make me love, love love my job.

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