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Bread and Jam.

I’ve always been a sucker for talent. All those years ago, when the new hire, that cute director pulled out his guitar and sang an original he’d written for his cast of “John, Paul, George, Ringo & Bert,” . . . well, I, the choreographer, was instantly hooked. Totally hooked.

I am definitely drawn to the creative overflow of the artist’s heart and no better way to stand in the flow than to cook for ’em. Bread and Jam is a way to feed my friends that I love so completely. And it’s a way to feed my soul. It goes down like this. . .

We set up the sound system, and hook up the Korg, the amps and the drum kit. (that’s Carl’s domain)  We throw out a FB event page and then the musicians start coming out of the woodwork. The ground rules are easy. You get a set on to play your heart out, and then a set off to hang, call out requests, eat and meet new musicians.

The food . . . well, that’s my domain. And it doesn’t hurt that my good friend, Pat Peregory . . . chef at O’Lordan’s brought a whole vat of crab bisque . . . rock star chef moonlighting as uber cool drummer.

And for me, it gives me good purpose to make my house look festive and inviting . . . and to get the kids in on the action of pre-party excitement. That’s when Carl gets to put chores on the list like . . . clean out the sports equipment shed– so you guys can find your laser guns when it’s time to run around in the dark. (it’s all in the delivery:0)

Then, when the sun falls behind the hill, the cars start to arrive . . . and out of them fall some of my most favorite people in the world. People that live full and free and aren’t afraid to unleash the freak flag of  joy that stays safely tucked away most days. That’s where the Conte’s come into play- one of our favorite families who taught their amazing kids that there are no limits to what God will do! Jono- (remember his out of the box senior session last year that involved a drum set, a corn field, and a swimming pool??? Check it out in my Seniors category.)He walks exuberance every single day.

Then meet our town’s newest, coolest girl band, Morse Code. Seriously? These guys have so much soul and joy I kinda just want em to move in. Actually, we’re heading in that direction, as Tori served as Carl’s musical director for BatBoy this spring and Katie played in the pit.  Tori’s also the Freundel’s resident violin teacher/ goddess of coolness for my daughters.


Kaila Conte, just home from Messiah College and her friend Bess . . . when they sing together- it’s a butterscotch  candy sliding down your throat. Warm and rich.


It’s a total free flow evening, guided by some random charts. And it is wayyyyy fun.

Our good friend, drummer Mike Landavere brought this guy out of the woodwork. Rob Powell is a classical guitarist from Nova Scotia. We all made some assumptions about him standing on the sidelines in his Pink Floyd shirt. Then he took the stage. Whoaaa. Fingers like lightening.


And my Carl played mandy like nobody’s business.


Steve Drummond and Jono Conte. Holding down the back beat. Tight.


Then, during the wee hours of the morning . . . this guy from the UK who had been hanging in the background all night finally took his seat. Nick Beatty. Oh my lands. . . .that guy started playing his guitar and mouths fell open. I turned to his wife and said, “Mindy  . . . . he’s reaaaallly good. She just gave me a wink and a smile and mouthed “I know.”


So, maybe you’re thinking, wow, I wish I had a cadre of super creative, talented friends so that I could do something like this . . .

Good news is, you do! Guarenteed among your every day acquaintances is a whole slew of people who have creative fire springing out of their soul  just begging for the outlet.

And if you don’t believe you could really put something like this together, get in touch with me. You’re coming to our next bread and jam, which is so life giving, so full of joy that we had several musicians threatening to come back tonight for the next session. We’re just gonna leave that sound system hooked up for awhile:)

Oh happy day.

Oh, and next session will go out on a live feed, compliments of MIT techie super cool guru,  Jamie Hanson!!!

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  • Michael C.

    Kathy, Carl, & clan, it was a total blast and I only wish I could’ve stayed for the duration; was looking forward to hearing Carl on that Hofner!!ReplyCancel