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Art is the great unifier uniquely eqpipped to inspire, encourage and restore healthy relationships within a community. That’s why I LOVE September Song, attend their show every year and take every chance I can to gush about them.

I think I told you last year that Septmenber Song’s Sound of Music was the very first play that I saw when I was eleven years old. I fell in love with those seven Von Trappes that night, and with the whole experience of theatre. I even tried for my own cast of Von Trappes, but we overshot and got Oliver.  (classical “Brady” allusion)

So these days, I grab a whole block of fifteen or so tickets . . . and I look for kids that I know that would not otherwise get that taste of live theatre . . . and I pile them into a couple of cars . . . and we go fall in love. Because we all know that if you don’t keep those appetites fed, you lose them.

Life does get packed really quickly. But I purpose to make room for museums, Howard Pyle read alouds, live music of any genre, and live theatre. If you find your internal monologue  complaining, “yea, but I can’t afford all that . . . ” you need to contact me, because SOO much of it can be had for free. I’ll tell you how:)





The delight of watching Sarah Snead and Erica Claire create their June and Louise characters was so much fun. Once again, producer Joan Eichorn, in conjunction with director Allen Cross, musical director, Zayna Null and choreographer Amy Hyde have created a priceless experience . . . completely family friendly (’cause I asked, and I know that Joan shares this love with her own grandkids!)

So really. The proceeds go right back into our community, it’s a taste the live theatre experience, and you never know who you”ll  bump into that you’ve not seen for way too long. Just do it.

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