Haloti Ngata. Thompson Creek.

What’s it like? . . . a 350 pound freight train coming your way??  I had a little bird’s eye of my own this week, but if you want the real answer, ask donut eating Andy, Thomspon Creek’s very own, who’s probably the only non-NFL guy that’s been taken out by both Haloti Ngata of the Ravens, and Ryan Kerrigan of the Redskins, in the course of three days. He came up high five-ing every time.

I love the energy on set. I think I’m realizing it’s my favorite place to be these days, professionally speaking. It’s the creative flow, the teamwork, the intensity, the problem solving, and yes, the occasional impassioned meltdowns . . . the creative process is Turkish Delight for me.

Thomspon Creek‘s George Schaub pulled this run out of a hat. Perfectly written . . .tongue in cheek . .. and Haloti killed the delivery. He’s got great timing.   It makes me smile.



Haloti with Dylan and Luke Schaub. Dylan and I were mother and son in Thompson Creek’s print ad. You’ll see that cherub on the side of all the trucks.

Let me frame the scene here . . . me watching the crew watching the playback of Andy watching the freight train a comin’! Didya’ get that?

Have a mentioned that I love my job? A new adventure every day. Creative. Relational. Challenging. My fit.

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