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Helping. Up.

It’s my home away from home these days . . . the place where I feel the presence of God every time.  Helping Up Mission. I’ll admit it. . . .I try to drag every warm willing body to see what I consider “my quirky gal Bmore’s best kept secret.”

I was over the moon thrilled when HUM’s Kris Sharrar invited me to join  Deb Poquette and Valarie Wideman to help plan the Christmas meal. The dangling carrot for me? I would get to invite my NACE friends to join me . . . and I know that when I get those guys involved, beautiful things result.

I’m humbled. Truly humbled. Just look and see for yourself. And if you’re at all inclined and want a partner to visit HUM with you . . . just call my name:)


It was all about the guys at HUM, the way it should be . . . but please indulge me while I brag on those generous friends that donated their time and resources . ..



Baltimore’s award winning 2011 Philanthropist of the Year top chef, Jerry Edwards, and his team from  Chef’s Expressions cooked for two days alongside HUM’s Richard Sullivan and his team. Chef’s Expressions brought along complete table settings for 400+ meals, cause that’s how they roll. Coupled with gorgeous linens complements of Tony Barbar at Let’s Do Linens and floral decor by Eddie Wingrat at Flowers and Fancies, the HUM dining room was transformed. See that family ready to serve? They’re mine.

After  full week of event after event, Chef’s Expression’s Chef John wore that smile all night long.



Little Miss Lily Freundel wore her smile all night as well, handing out candy favors provided by Staci Summers, former owner of Haute Cocoa.

My girl Staci Summers.



Our guy, Brian Roberts, the evening’s host and  HUM regular . . . well, he’s the real deal. There to encourage the guys, and, WOW, his message on that night? so powerful. really so powerful.


NACE rockstar servers, Vicki Preston of Entertainment Exchange, Elizabeth Bailey of EB Weddings, The Skippers of Black Tie Video . . .


East Hill Video’s Daniel Watson Bey and our adopted brother, Jerome Dorn . . .


The amazing Tori Morse quartet . . .playin’ some Coldplay . . .


Brian and Jerome:)



Chef Reggie Camphor and HUM’s Frankie Moses . . .



Wedding 411 on Demand’s beautiful Karen Buck . . . the pie girl . . . joined  by her dashing husband, Jay . . .








my dad. that’s all I’m gonna say. yep. my dad.



All the fun  Minneapolis has to offer in in a double trouble package. Two Popes Film’s Greg and Jerry Pope. They could draw the story out of a paper plate. and it would be funny. Wanna laugh? Go onto their site and look at their commercials. Promise.




Sarah Hinsche served it up with a smile. The whole Hinsche clan was in on the evening. Tim, superstar photographer got all these shots, and the kids and Sarah worked all night long. Go team Hinsche!



HUM’s Bob Gehman, the man with the biggest heart in the city . . .

powerful. heartfelt. real deal.




Valarie Wideman and Deb Poquette . . . keeping it running smoothly:)



Diana and Brian took time with each man.


Even my little man, Will.   This was the photo op of his dreams:)



HUM’s Kris Sharrar gives the love right back.



Yeah, it was pretty much a big Roberts love fest:) . . . These kids were amazing helpers. The future of my girl, Bmore is in some good hands.


View the entire gallery here.


Thank you to those who donated their time and resources . . .

Vicki Preston, Entertainment Exchange

Ed Shilling

Staci Summer, Haute Coaco

The Carl Freundel family

Jerry and Greg Pope, TwoPopes Film

The Tim Hinsche family, Tim Hinsche photography

Elizabeth Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey Weddings

Victoria Clausen, Romance of Flowers

Eddie Wingrat, Flowers and Fancies

Jerry Edwards, Chef’s Expressions

Tony Barbar, Let’s Do Linens

Bowtie Bob Nelson

Jean Mayer and Emily Villarreal, Boutique Events

Evelyn and Daniel Watson Bey, East Hill Video

Adan Van Bavel

Stephanie Bradshaw, Bradshaw Styling

Whitney Downs and Laur Fosler, Westin Annapolis

Danielle Baird

Johari Barnes

Julie Brown-Edwards

The Jim Skipper Family, Black Tie Video

Karen and Jay Buck, Wedding 411 on Demand



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