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Sidewalk Prophets.

Six degrees of separation.

Business owner, Kevin is a guy who hears big things from God and makes them happen. One day he goes in to interview for a position in his company and before the interview commences, he’s humming, “These are the Words I Would Say.”

The interview-ee  says, “That song you’re humming?? That’s my son’s.”   Coincidence or God? So Kevin prays and obeys and here’s the result. God sized.

That’s all it takes and the 2010 Best New Artist Dove Award Winning Sidewalk Prophets are rocking out on the Crossroads stage on a perfect late summer night. They are the real deal. A bunch of down to earth, hugely kind-hearted guys who are enjoying the ride of a lifetime. And if you’re one of those concert goers that really appreciates the performer:audience rapport . . . the reason it works so well is because it’s sincere. They’re headed to Virginia today . . . check out their site- totally worth the road trip:)



I secretly wanna be Astrid Kirchherr . . .  got my little taste last night. It was a good fit.







Openers, the Jim Cabral band with special guests Jenna and Kayla Contestabile.

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