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Caroline at 13.

Here’s my girl in all her glory.  She’s so complex. She is completely able to escape in a book, reading her favorites time and again with the same enthusiasm.  She is a warrior on the field (possibly a product of playing with her FIVE brothers!) but a team player all the way.  She finds her peace playing the piano after supper each night.  She stretches herself to try new things and meet new people.  And she’s learning to love herself more and more each day.  Happy 13th Caroline! You bring me such joy.

carolinereflector (1 of 1)


Just a note on this shot. That golden light? I’ll tell you how you can catch it too.

I shot this behind our house in the dry grasses.  It was 4:15 and the sun was quickly setting.  I shot at 1/2000 sec at f 1.4, 85 mm lens, ISO 200. I shot directly into the sun, metering for the background. My son, Will, held a gold reflector at a 45 degree angle from me and Caroline.  The reflector here is used as a light source.

Don’t have a reflector? You can use a white wall, white sheet . . . basically anything that will bounce light.

I LOVE shooting in the winter.   The light in winter is gorgeous and adds color and texture to nature.

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