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Consider the Lilies of the Field.

Is it self fulfilling prophecy or hopeful thinking? Either way, Luke 12:27, for which she was named, has proven true.  Her smile lights up the room, and she is one who is able to laugh easily, even when it’s at herself.

I knew the snow would not last long, and my offer to whomever was willing to throw on some clothes early Thanksgiving morning and play in the light had three takers. Stay tuned for the other gamers.

I am smiling that Lily chose to wear a dress, jewelry and lip gloss for her shoot.  My girl is growing up.

Her first year in middle school has been an adventure. She loves her independence and is up and ready each day happily eating her yogurt and blueberries at the kitchen table.  She exits school smiling, usually talking about the fun she’s had at play practice (she’s playing Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods).  Her cello playing ushers us through dish washing many days after dinner, and she’s like her mamma . . . early to bed, completely exhausted.

I love this girl.

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