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Go Whirled Peas.

Lisa and I have history. We met at the gym . . . she had just come off years of body building and we spent many hours side by side discovering the beauty of the  Slide that put us into thigh burning heaven, slide by slide.

Lisa and I home schooled our kids together. While I was crying my way through Uncle Tom’s Cabin  with my gaggle of six, Lisa was  cooking her way through the Little House on the Prairie series with her brood of four.

When I discovered the joy of trail running, I thought I needed a partner, lest I break an ankle and be unable to get help. So, I reached out to Lisa, who was in Italy discovering the joy of biking villages.

Yep. We have history, Lisa and me.

Lisa is the most amazing organic chef. Go Whirled Peas is her house.  I have eaten her food, have healed people with her food, and give her food to those I love whenever I have the chance.  My very favorites are the raw fruit and nut bars . . .  Larabar on CRACK! I keep them in the freezer. I use them as energy on a long run or  bike. I use them as meal replacement when its a full day of edits at the computer.

Just recently, Dan and I  fell in love with Lisa’s tarts.  A fig and raw almond crust with chocolate mousse on top. Here’s the kicker.  The mousse is made from AVOCADO, raw honey and chocolate. How’s that for BLISS???

You’ll be seeing way more of Lisa.  Go Whirled Peas provides personal chef services, event catering, cooking instruction, and gifting of food.  Lisa has created  a full, beautiful life with her four kids and  dogs in Carroll County and Key West.

House of RedBird had the privilege of partnering with filmmaker Dan Carpenter of  4 Square Productions to produce the first in a series of cooking films for Go Whirled Peas.

Dan and I had so much fun working with Lisa. She’s got a great, easy style; the camera LOVES her. The films are in post as I write . . . you’ll be seeing a clip soon.

So exciting.







Lisa’s tag line is “thanks for joining us at Go Whirled Peas . . . and keep cooking outside the box.” Lisa lives every day outside the box . . . yep. She’s my girl.

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