Pejman. Shannon. Annapolis. Bliss.


Return on Investment.

He understands it completely. Yeah, he’s a rock star commodities broker, but that’s not it.

A couple of boyhood friends, well chosen.

A cadre of family and friends, with serious history.

A wife, well loved who loves well.

Parents, honored for the sacrifices they’ve made to preserve two cultures.

Pejman’s 40th birthday weekend gives testiment to his fine ability to invest purposefully and wisely.

And when his nieces and nephews are in his arms . . . he is every bit the rock star, deservedly.

Just one more commentary . . . how many friends do you have that would transport the entire party from the Hamptons to Annapolis, due to the imminent delivery of a baby preventing mamma travel? No kidding. Shannon rented a home on the river, chartered a schooner, had individual custom tees made, invited the posse and created a weekend that made Pejman feel like the luckiest 40th birthday boy to sail the high seas.

Access the entire party right here . . . .



















This was one of those days of little miracles. Not taking credit; the photos were a gift.

Sailing. By the Sea. Shooting. I could have stood in a 2×2 area the entire day and just absorbed the love that surrounded me.

Happy birthday, Pejman. You are well loved.

And thank you, every single one of you,  truly, for making me feel part of the circle.

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