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Ruby Family. Then and Now.

There are a gazillion reason why I love this family.  Here are just a few.

Rani is real. She’s created a gorgeous space with her husband Mike, (yes, together they have a design business,) and she’s the beauty who looks like she pulled on a pair of jeans, swiped the gloss across her lips in a New York minute, and is stunning.  Most of all I love her because when I visit, life is often bursting at the seams with sports equipments, remnants of last night’s celebration, puppy gear and clippings from her latest design project. She is unguarded, completely authentic and a breath of sunshine. I LOVE being in the Ruby space.

Mike is warm and welcoming and always willing to reminisce with a smile on his face and knod of affirmation.  The three of us grew up together, and Mike’s late grandfather is a legend in my family home . . . he was my dad’s old-school-tough, yet beloved football coach/ mentor.  We three talk of the days in Carroll County when we were growing up and life was hard and watch the Ruby boys roll their eyes.  Did I mention I LOVE being in the Ruby space?

Max, Cole and Graham are wonderful and gracious and willing to talk with me about marching band, good books and volleyball, even though I know they are clamoring to be off eating mac ‘n cheese, playing with the neighbors, or jumping into the latest game.  I won’t say it again, but I LOVE . . .

Oh, and did I mention Baby Blue, the most adorable French bulldog ever?

Here is one thing I know. Rani is a smart cookie.  She knows to hold onto picture day with gloved hands, because  if she doesn’t make the family photo happen, it will not. Welcome to the ten minute photo session.  Welcome to happy plaid family.  Welcome to life, Ruby style, full of chaotic JOY. Welcome to the then and now.

THEN.houseofredbird (10 of 80)

NOWKLP_4038KLP_4054KLP_4070Thank you, Rani and Mike, for always welcoming me.  I loved my time with you on a chilly Sunday afternoon.


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