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Stacapolooza.Birthday Bash.

Staci knew she wanted to celebrate her 40th in a big way . . . so she planned one throw down of a party for her closest friends. I met Staci when she was purveyor of Haute Cocoa, a gourmet, boutique chocolate company. The girl knows how to make things happen.
When Staci found herself at a crossroads . . . she crossed over with style.

Having done that whole transition myself, I know what Stac has to look forward to . . .

At forty, you have the confidence to say the things you used to only think about but were too afraid to let fly, yet have the self control to keep the petty thoughts to yourself. You aren’t afraid of knowing what you love, no matter if not one soul is in agreement. You get serious about living, going for the big ticket items that you once only dreamed about. You are not afraid to get hurt, because you’ve been there before and know that you will heal. You learn to forgive, stop rushing, and stop apologizing all the time. You learn to let your yes be yes and your no be no and are no longer a victim to guilt. You spend time around people that lift you up and release those who bring you down.

You stop giving your power away. You know who you are, and whose you are.


Enjoy a peek into Stacapolooza . . . it was the birthday party to end all parties, and by her side were her adoring husband, Jason, their children and her closest family and friends.

Tim Hinsche and I had so much fun shooting this party . . . we even climbed into the photo booth ourselves!











A wise woman surrounds herself with people more talented than she. ┬áThat’s what I think of Tim, my rock star associate . . . he gets major kudos for operating the photo booth and capturing the spirit of the party.


View the entire gallery here!

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