Will. Francis Scott Key High.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you were meant to be.  Will is working that one out, one adventure at a time, and I like what I see.  I won’t gush, but as number four of eight siblings, he’s a prize.  He never really demanded his way . . . it was impossible considering his birth order.  He is flexible, considerate, funny, silly . . . and I just love being around him. That’s all. I just LOVE being around him. He’s my dish partner most nights, and that’s a huge win for me.

Yes, I do have to lure him out of bed on most weekends, and he does pretty much raid the pantry for snacks at every turn, but he’s becoming quite a shark at cards, makes me laugh hard and often with his impressions, and loved To Kill a Mockingbird . . . he’s a keeper.

houseofredbird (3 of 4)


houseofredbird (4 of 4)


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