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Our trip home from Boston on Sunday was a dilly. I spent most of the drive wondering why road tolls aren’t just wrapped into taxes . . . and cursing myself that I don’t have an EZPass, although EZPass doesn’t stop  the bickering of restless sojourners in the back seat.

But my travel pain was water under the bridge the moment I got home. My Dad . . . best guy in the whole, wide world . . . is one of those people that listens really carefully, looks for an opportunity to give and seizes it every single time. He is the BEST gift giver. So guess what I had in my hand late Sunday night??? YES.

I grabbed about five hours of sleep, and was in the car at half past dark on my way to Walmart to find my plastic organizers. And while I shoulda been unpacking and doing laundry yesterday, I was taking inventory of my life. Do you know what it costs to be unorganized? Add up my five tubes of triple antibiotic cream and do the math! I’m turning over a new leaf . . . and if you want to see it, come now, cause I can’t promise how long it will last. But it IS beautiful, don’t you think?



(note to all you evolved people) . . . I know you’re saying, “hmm. she must have control issues.”  You should try living in my brain for a day- sometimes I want to pop my head off like a Barbie and put it on the nightstand to get some quiet. That’s me- super task oriented. Good thing my family laughs with and not at. I’m evolved enough to know iyamwhatiyam.


Oh, and I forgot to tell you one more thing that I fell in LOVE with at Katy’s. Her Simple Human trash can. Kinda oxymoronic, but I LOVE that trash can.


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