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Bread & Jam. August ’11

The bread is the myriad “favorites” that everyone brings. Last night it was two kinds of meatballs, sushi, buffalo chicken pizza, spinach feta pizza, texas caviar  . . . and some yum to wash it down. And dessert to die for. And all of it beautifully displayed with the help of my girl, deb edge, with her man, Jim, cheering us on.

The jam is . . . well, just that. An evening with those “out of the box” musician types.

The caveat last night? The kids were invited. And here was the thought . . .  why not expose our most precious ones to the rich flow of talent that we love so well? Value their gifts, give them a microphone or a pair of sticks and have them go to town.  It worked. They took their turns in the jam room, played football at dusk and flashlight tag in the dark, ate way too much dessert, met some new people, stayed up way past bedtime, and couldn’t stop talking about it the day after.

Isaiah, six, sat for a long time studying Steve Drummond, the man who plays every instrument in the room, and does it well.

Lily and Caroline are besties already, but when Lily opens her mouth and Caroline gets on the keys . . .

Even Sam sang his Superman Bathtime Song . . . the one Carl wrote just for him, with vocal coach, Lily right there to encourage.

And my Kristiana and Carl did a little Mandy Moore.

Sam kinda made his rounds . . . meeting new people and climbing into laps to watch for a set. David was the winner on this set.

B & J newbie Matthew Peregoy . . . kicking it on the guitar. Guy can sing too,

And my favorite executive chef/ drum boy dude . . . Patrick Peregoy . . . the man who never sleeps.

Wonderwall, as I recall. Travis, Carl and Kristen. Sweet.


And . . . a little Journey, compliments of Andy and Sherry.

We adults got our turn too. And it was sweet.

Why is it the ones that are so quiet are so screaming talented??? Katie Morse. Case in point.

And finally, my one.  The guy who pours out his heart and soul to  make these crazy plans come to fruition . . . the one who has given our kids the music gene and continually lays down his own will to lift the rest of us up.  He is my heart.


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