Brian Roberts. HUM. and David Morley.

The wind was howling outside at half past dark this morning, but my inbox was warm and sunny thanks to  David Morley of Zinnia Films. David and I partnered this year for the annual Helping Up Mission Christmas dinner. Our desire? To bring some recognition to Baltimore’s best kept secret.

I still go to HUM every Wednesday to help serve lunch. What I’ve realized is that the men could probably do a much more efficient job serving without me in the way. It’s a gift they graciously give me each week. Boy, is it ever true  . . . I get so much more than I give when I go to HUM. Plus, it gives me a reason to visit the Whole Foods in Harbor East for a coffee and sit for a couple hours watching the sailboats and seagulls. I’d call that a double portion:)

Offer still stands if you want to join me, reader. Consider yourself invited!


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