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Couples. Time.


The weather wasn’t worth a lick, but it had been two years since we had been away, so we weren’t complaining. Our brave and faithful friends, Ann and Chris and their boys took all of our kids, sans Dan, for the weekend. The had planned to accommodate FIVE kids and their soccer games on Saturday, and were locked and loaded . . . rain cancelled all that. Instead they had a day at the Science Center building virtual dinosaurs and dinner at a pizza, salad and cinnamon bun buffet . . . then, ┬ádid a post-church Raven’s tailgate party with the kids. Ann and Chris went from two to nine kids and did way more outings than we EVER attempt.

Meanwhile, Carl and I were doing a whole lot of window shopping, wet beach strolling , eating, and movie watching. We were happy as clams buried in the sand. Couples time. It’s golden and goes a long, long way in the attitude adjustment department. When the kids were younger, we always said it would be easier to get away as they grew older. Now, we realize that’s a big myth. Schedules just keep getting busier and busier. Time alone HAS to be purposeful and built in or it just doesn’t happen. And, it needs to happen. It’s my goal not to let two years pass before we get away again. Healthy. Love.

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