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Day. Eight.

Wesley opened the package a laid a brown leather lunch box on the table.  . . It did open, and inside was a space for sandwiches, a little porcelain box for cold meat or fried chicken, another for salad, a glass with a lid that screwed on, for custard or jelly, held by a ring in a corner, a flask for tea or milk, a beautiful little knife, fork, and spoon fastened in holders, and a place for a napkin.


I wanted that lunch box the first time I read about my hero, Elnora Comstock. I’ve always LOVED that girl.


We are on day 8 of the flu around here. It started with Carl and has gone through six of the kids so far. Carl, who is rarely sick, was flat on his back in bed all week, last week. So, it’s time for some positive thinking around these parts.

On day 8 here’s why I’m grateful.  I have time to read my all time favorite book to the kids, and they all snuggle in, willing to listen for hours. I hope that Elnora becomes a lifelong friend of all of ours.


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  • Hannah

    ms. kathy. i ALWAYS wanted that lunch box to. and had bittersweet thoughts about elnora giving all that yummy food to billy. hehe.
    beautiful pictures. as always. I would love to come shoot with you sometime:)