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Day. Nine.

Another reason to be grateful. I have time to mill wheat to make bread. This bread is so healthful and yummy! Seriously, if we had been eating it, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten the flu! But when the homeschool co-op is in full swing, I barely have time to keep my head above water.

Here’s the recipe . . .easy as pie. 2 T yeast, 2.5 c. warm water, 1/3 c honey, 1/3 cup EVOO, dash salt, 7-8 c. milled wheat. Don’t have a mill? Just use whole wheat!  My Kitchen Aid mixer broke, so I now do it by hand. So easy. {makes me wonder why I ever thought I needed the Kitchen Aid}




Best way to eat the bread, IMO. Slathered thickly with peanut butter. Zimmerman’s is the BEST. Under $5. for 2 lbs!!! Sonnewald in Spring Grove, PA.

I also get my yeast, wheat, and olive oil in bulk from Sonnewald or the Amish wholesalers in Lancaster. My honey I get from an Apiary in the Catoctin Mountains. Did you know that if you eat local honey, you’ll have some antibodies to local allergens?  And, buy in bulk, because honey is the only food that will never spoil and requires no refrigeration. We keep our wheat and honey in  five gallon buckets with tight lids.

It’s not about being perfect, for goodness knows we eat our share of Oreos around here. But for me it’s about making good and frugal choices as a rule, and not as an exception. Believe me, I was intimidated the first time I tried to make my own bread. It’s so easy that Kristiana and Caroline  make the bread now.

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