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Dory + Ed. Gold.

Pale baby blues that made his heart stop. Confident athlete’s swagger that made her heart start. Townie falls for  Jersey girl. Blind date. Western Maryland College. Late 50’s.

I wish I had a snapshot of the first time he laid eyes on her.

I don’t. But I do have a snapshot this day. After fifty years of marriage . . . she still has him.


Theirs was a whirlwind romance. She was a senior; he had one more year on the Hill. But he had to have her. Sold his trenchcoat to buy the diamond . . . took her to their special booth at Baugher’s . . . and sealed the deal.

They dreamed together. Built a little 60’s style brick rancher on top of a hill dotted with a row of brick ranchers. Built right next to their best friends.

They had kids . . . three . . . and raised us with love and focus. Perfect in their imperfection. So much love and honesty.

And now, fifty years later . . . they are in the sweet spot. And to be around my mom and dad is to understand what it means to live life to the full, to love without limits and to count your blessings.








This photo . . . I snapped it on top of WISP mountain in the early 90’s. I’ve always LOVED this photo. What I did not know is the story behind the photo.

Dad was superintendent of the school system at the time. And it was a sticky time in our county with budget cuts and teacher’s salaries. And Dad was about the kids . . . every day he served in that role, he was for the kids . . . so, he kinda went through the ringer in the press. Lost weight. Had trouble sleeping. It was on this weekend, that Dad told mom he was done. Retiring.  This snapshot holds a new sweetness for me.  Choices. Difficult ones. And keeping the main thing the main thing.

I want that. For all of my days.

There’s a reason that Nancy, Andy and I stay connected . . . really connected to our parents. And there’s a reason why all the grandkids want to be at 64 Blue Swallow whenever they get the invite . . . which is pretty much all the time. It’s their legacy. Indulgent love.

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