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Fan of the Day. Larabar.

My girlfriend shot me a message yesterday. “Go look on the Larabar site. You’re fan of the day!”


So. it’s true. I did that post last week on my favorite things from Boston, and one of my “kisses” went out to Larabar, a meal consisting of 100% raw fruit and nuts- no sugar, gluten, soy- just straight up raw food. Best part?? Flavors like cinnamon roll, apple pie, and my favorite, cherry pie. So, I mentioned that I had ordered three boxes (I bought mine on Amazon from Potential Dynamix LLC- best price I could find) and I’m going to tuck them away for when we pack lunches for co-op this year. {I already have a bin labeled and waiting!} That and a glass of milk for protein- I’d be a happy mamma, and the kids would get their full recess time.



But the crazy part is that I really was selected as “fan of the day” on the Larabar blog.  And this is what they said . . . seriously.


Discovering a new blog can be very rewarding, particularly when that blog reflects the principles of a talented and respected professional. Take, for instance, Kathy Freundel: A photographer and writer, Kathy uses the medium of photography to achieve artistic excellence. Her pictures are colorful, original and beautiful. And yes, she is fan of LARABAR.

(Don’t tell that I’m just a girl with a camera.)


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