House of RedBird. Redux.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Brene Brown has given me so much strength over the last decade, and it’s been a tough one.   And I’m changed.  And I’m ready to stand up and use my voice. About many, many things.

It’s about holding onto secrets. They destroy.

It’s about what people say about you. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true. (thanks Dad!)

It’s about standing up to bullies, arms akimbo, and saying, “You are being mean to me!” (thank you, my daughter Lily, for  your three-year-old sassiness)

It’s about not holding someone else’s garbage when he throws it and you inadvertently catch it. (thanks deb!)

It’s about keeping my palms open and not latching on. (thanks Shellie!)

It’s about fighting back, when necessary. (thanks, Joe!)

And it’s about just showing up. (thanks Nance!)

So, for today, I’m sharing two things.  My new logo. And a poem.  It’s part of my journey to say not today to the bullies in my life.

I’m getting ready to develop some new partnerships and drive House of RedBird to another level, teaching and producing creative arts with an incredible team of the most amazing colleagues.  Get ready . . . I’ve got something to say.

Insomniatic Twaddle

who would i be if i slept past three?

would my thoughts be free?

what would i be if i acted the part and belied my raw heart?

where would i be if i followed the rules- on my own barstool?

when will i be my own beautiful mess and not fear the winepress?

K. Nichols, from RedBird in Flat Light, c. 2011

Oh, and here is my new ring . . .  thank youToni and Jenn at Pomeroy’s . . .I LOVE it. You brought my vision to fruition.  I think this one’s really going to work out well.


Standing Up.  K. Nichols, 2019

standing up-1607

Standing Up.  Multi-Media Collage. 2019

teeshirt logo-2

The former is my new logo and the latter is part of my art therapy . . . thank you Krisha Davis!!

Oh, and one more thing . . . Co-dependent No More (Beattie) is amazing.  And, yes, I am working on healthy boundaries. (thank you Jill  . . .it only took me five years to read it!)

And one last shout out to Michaela King . . . for some real deal therapy.

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