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It’s where I experience hope these days.
It’s real. It’s gritty. And it’s beautiful.
So, today I brought my friend, Good Fella of Baltimore, President of the Perfect Networker and author, Ken Rochon, to meet my incredible friends at Helping Up Mission and enjoy one of Kris Sharrar’s tours.

Ken says . . . “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” I couldn’t agree more.

So reader, this is YOUR invitation. Come see for yourself our city’s best kept secret. Contact me . . . I’ll go with you. It just might change your life.


I bring my kids with me all the time to eat lunch with our guys. They get cool aprons, cooler hats . . . wayyyy better than playing restaurant at home!




This is Popeye. He’s been at the mission for 28 years now.  I’ve heard about Baltimore’s coddies, but never tasted one until Popeye invited me to share his at lunch today.  Right after our lunch shift was over, I was across the street at Weiss Deli, standing in the LOOOONGGG line for my very own coddies. YUM!



Terry supervises the kitchen now, after graduating from the program. He travels to nursing homes throwing cookouts for the residents with a team from HUM. And he knows how to keep the party rolling with his line dances. He is a ball of sunshine.


And my man, Sean. What a transformation!


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