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I am Real.

I am real. It’s the company name for my best friend, deb edge, who is a photographer that specializes in architecture from exotic places like Paris and Italy, and who most recently has become a rock star wildlife photographer in Naples, Florida.

But today, I’m stealing her tag line, cause we share . . .  that’s how we roll.

I’m Kathy Shilling. And I am real.

Rewind six months. Enter Wendy Williams. I am in the midst of turmoil for so many reasons including the breakup of my marriage and  I run into Wendy Williams. Same Wendy Williams who was in the congo line with me at the skating rink in the late 70’s when I took a spill, split my chin, got blood all over my cool poncho (handmade by Gi-Gi) and earned my first round of stitches. Same Wendy Williams who rode the WHS band bus as a freshman and got in line to give and receive Dorothy style french braids. Same Wendy Williams, of Wendy’s Face Place to whom I journeyed four years ago when I couldn’t eat or sleep and needed help FAST on my skin. (her advice? eat an avocado a day, change your oil to coconut, drink water, and get your hormone levels checked. Love that girl!) Same Wendy Williams that put a helping hand necklace in the mail to me the day after I ran into her outside JP Pizza in Mt. Airy, and told her I was separated and trying to figure it all out. She’s my girl.

Fast forward to this past August, and Wendy invites me to photograph her newest business venture . .  .  (this girl travels at mach speed) . . .Nerium AD. Honestly, I put Wendy off. I read a little about Nerium AD, realized quickly it was one of those companies . . .you know, like kitchen ware, cleaning products, vitamin pills . . .  and I wanted NO part of any of it. I think I hit delete about three emails in a row until she invited me to lunch. Just to catch up.

Scene:  Mt. Airy Tavern. “Okay, Wendy Williams, you look amazing. I want to USE it. I don’t want to SELL it.” Laughing, she said, “Kath . . .I just wanted you to photograph it!”

My mind was set.  I would sign up as a preferred loyalty customer, get three of my friends to try the product, and get my product for free. Sweet deal.

Then I started reading about the company. Actually I stayed up all night reading about the company, definitely intrigued but hemming and hawing about whether I wanted to take the plunge. The company model made sense to me. And Jeff Olson, the CEO . . .well I had read his book The Slight Edge and it was pivotal in helping me build House of RedBird.

Here I am five months later. So glad I took the plunge. Because guess what? I made my investment back in three weeks, have earned my product free since the first month and will never have to invest another dime in the company. I earned an ipad at Christmas, pull a nice weekly paycheck and will earn my Lexus bonus very soon. What do I do? Just share what I’m excited about. And I don’t have much of a problem doing that.

No, I’m not a skin care expert. No, I’ve never used those pricey skin care systems. But I have used Nerium AD. And the results speak for themselves. Because Nerium AD was an accidental discovery in skin cancer research. It’s been tested. It is REAL.

AND most importantly, I LOVE my team. They are my people . . .the ones that know the real me, accept me, love me, and support me. And it goes both ways. It’s a beautiful thing.


Is your interest piqued? Meet my team.


Wendy handles the technical questions at Wendy Peterson’s house . . .  with Riann Heflin, and David Shank of Fissel’s Auto Corner checking out the business opportunity.  We even FaceTimed Riann’s sister, Danielle in from Sarasota!

Wendy does her thing again for our continental breakfast at  The Sideways Cafe, where our former Westminster High School classmate, restaurant owner and local attorney  entrepreneur Brad Bauhof pulled out all the stops for us.

Dawn DeMario is another business woman who gets it. Dawn has been busy expanding The Spa at Roop’s Mill and has now opened a second location called Lux Beauty Bar and Boutique. She is a ball of positive energy, and with her partner, Charlotte, joined the Nerium family and will be a rock star in this company.

My girl, Emily Michael. I met Emily on a film set. We became fast friends day one. Em is an incredible muralist and faux painter and principle at Michaels Studios. When I land I will have her art in my home. Oh, and Em taught me how to make sushi. Love that girl.

Shellie Haralson, the woman that lights up a room by just entering it. Shellie owns Nue Beaute Essentials, and is a
clinical electrologist, permanent makeup specialist and  professional makeup artist .  . . and wow, can that girl tell a story!

Heidi Shorter (Wendy’s sister!) who is a 25 year Howard County Public School teacher. Smart as a whip and just as beautiful.  She’ll put her kids through college with Nerium.

Teena Heck, a professional fund raiser, with a heart of gold. Teena is also on staff at Pure Image Studio, with her Nerium partner, Angel Stull- MY hair girl!!

Those girls at Pure Image? They are the kickboxing-name-taking kinda girls.

Marie Dressel, real estate agent, and newest team member. We are all poised to learn a thing or two from this very sharp, gorgeous  business woman.

And our very own Joe Dressel, owner of Hanover Boxing Club.  Guess you could call him a pretty smart guy, hanging out with all those beautiful women, but he sees the business opportunity clearly and is busy building his own team of beautiful women that will make his work easy. Smart guy.


Lastly, here is my guy. My dad. He’s a preferred customer. This is his cheek after using the product for ten days.  No kidding. Those farm boy, golfer sun spots . . .be GONE!!


Nerium AD. If you haven’t heard of it you will. And if your interest is piqued, just let me know:)

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