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Insomniatic Twaddle.

Where would I be if I slept past three; would my thoughts be free?

What would I be if I acted the part and belied my own heart?

Where would I be if I followed the rules; on my own barstool?

When will I be my own beautiful mess and not fear the winepress?




Going back through my journal . . . that can be really cathartic. Yep. It was my truth back when I wrote it in heartbreak, and I own it this morning. It’s still my truth.

Here’s what I know. Life is messy, but beautiful. I am responsible to create my life. I am responsible for my choices. I am responsible for my happiness. And I get to choose each day whether to walk in love, peace and joy or shrivel in anger, bitterness and fear. I choose love.

I have a folder on my desktop entitled NUGGETS. And I have several people in my life that add to that folder on a regular basis. For that, I am so grateful.

And check out what I found today, as I was leafing through my life at half past dark, once again. From my girl, deb edge, who has walked the journey right by my side. It’s a bookmark she made for me years ago. And I LOVE Frank Capra. My guts? Well, I’ve earned my guts through pain. My star shine? It’s my rose colored glasses, which I will never take off. It’s Pandora’s box, which I will keep in my hands . . . it’s my Weltanschauung! ¬†And every strong woman needs her Weltanschauung and a fat does of Schopenhauer to take on a new day.





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