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It’s Such a Wyld, Wyld Life.

Whadduya get when you cross a rookery of middle school boys with the cushion top of a wooden bar stool?  The entertainment for a holiday party, apparently. That’s what I love about these kids . . . it doesn’t take much to keep ’em happy . . . all that joy is such lying inside, waiting to bubble up.

But add a group of high schoolers with a desire to invest in the lives of the kids coming up behind them,  crazy skits,  inspired ice breakers, presents, unlimited snacks and sodas by the case . . . well, you get the point. It’s the place the kids WANT to be- and it’s delivered laced with a pretty powerful spiritual message. But just as important as the message, it’s the place where my kids know they are safe, loved and covered. Where they will never stand alone on the sidelines. And hanging in the shadows are the adults that have always come alongside our family to speak truth into our kids’ lives. So if the going ever gets tough, our kids will know where to go.









That’s something that Carl and I have always purposed . . . that our kids would have a cadre of adults available to them that would speak light and truth into their hearts and minds. And that doesn’t come by accident. Part of the vision is choosing who we’d like those adults to be and the other part is getting our kids in regular relationship with those people. For us, it’s making time spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles regular and meaningful. It’s joining a small group at church where families are living life side by side. It’s being focused on who is filling the role of car pool driver, soccer coach, youth group leader and babysitter . . . because life is HARD- even in middle school. And Carl and I do not do this thing even close to perfectly. It’s a constant struggle with good days and hard days and honestly, sometimes I’d rather be home in my jammies on a cold Friday night . . . but I only get one chance to raise my kids, and it’s already gone way too fast.

So, you are invited. Email me if you want to get on the mailing list.  WyldLife is the middle school version of Young Life. We meet monthly and if you are in middle school, you are invited. Crossroads Community Church.

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