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Tenor, Jordan Markham. Pesto Serenade.

I first met him during the run of BatBoy last spring and he blew me away with incredible talent that Carl had told me about for months in advance. But it was his humility and generous spirit on stage and the way that he welcomed me that week before opening that sealed the deal. What was the deal, you wonder? Ummm, adoption:) Yeah, he’s part of our family now . . . and because Hector comes as part of the deal, I’m a happy girl. Carl’s not too disappointed either.

Lured by the promise of a good bottle of Shiraz and pesto fresh out of my garden, Jordan agreed to the deal. I make him dinner. He sings for me. He wrote it on Facebook and I held him to it.

I think I definitely scored the win on that one.

One of my favorite snapshots in all of creation is that one from Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s the one in which Diane Lane has created a beautiful life out of her journey of pain . . . she cooks a beautiful meal for all of her quirky chosen family, and they eat and drink and laugh out on the piazza way into the night, surrounded by hanging lanterns and fireflies. And her joy is palpable.

That was me tonight. In my  sunroom and gazebo. With my loved ones around me . . .

Jordan and Hector know it now . . . mi casa es su casa. (that may be totally lame Espanol, but you get my drift)

Wanna hear the serenade??? [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/26091129[/vimeo]


I call that a score on every level. Watch Jordan roll . . . the man is going places and I’m lucky to be in his corner.








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