Kisses and Disses.

It’s time again for me to give my two cents.

Read on, for I’ve got some good kisses this time around.



First kiss goes out to Toby Lightman and Ari Hest . . . and of  course, my girl Jonda, who introduces me to all kinds of amazing tuneage. Toby and Ari gave an amazing concert at Ram’s Head Annapolis a couple of weeks ago.  Toby has been a favorite of mine for some time now, but I’m now a huge fan of Ari, who sang his newest song called Less. Wow.  I think all of us could do with a little less of a whole lotta things.



Second kiss goes out to Anders Lindwall of Neighborhood Film Company in Philadelphia. I met him on set last week for a shoot in DC.  Yes, I played the mom once again.  Anders has figured out how to marry his production company with a non- profit entity called Working Film Establishment. He mentors and employs adults in recovery using his skill set.  When I asked him what in his personal journey brought him to this business model, he responded that he had struggled with how to make a real impact on others with his gifts . . . not just cursorily writing a check, but a real investment of time  in a small cadre of people.

And yes, I was on the phone with him very quickly to pick his brain. He was gracious. He is a sharing kinda guy. And pretty talented to boot. Check out the Nike commercial on his site.



My third kiss goes out to The Stone Foxes. They are currently on tour and I met them on Easter Sunday at Helping Up Mission.  They are traveling the country, filming footage with the goal of bringing awareness to the homeless. Specifically, they are passionate about communities feeding their hungry with HEALTHFUL food  . . .food that promotes and sustains life.  You can bet I was on that one pretty quickly . . .because I have some pretty strong feelings about food and it’s power.



And that brings me to today’s final kiss. It goes out to Pete Macedo, who has built a community garden in Blacksburg, Virginia. He admittedly says it’s a ton of work and responsibility . . . but who wins? Those who need healthy food. And that’s a beautiful thing. Oh, wait, and Pete’s sister, Ann, a Baltimore photographer took this image.

Now, for my disses . . .

1.  April 2nd feeling like February. And that’s the only beef I have today:)

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