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Kristen + TJ. Shoot Out.

This is what I LOVE. Gathering some of my favorite shooters in the universe, calling in favors left and right, throwing caution to the wind and sitting back to see what unfolds.

So first, the kisses.

Paul and Debbie Wooden for giving us their beautiful farm, Holbrook Hollow, for the evening while they were out on a romantic date.

Kristen and TJ Hill, possibly the most stunning couple to ever walk down the aisle at the Majestic.  Both models by profession, obvious to all of the photogs present.

Kara Belcher, who with her firefighter husband, Zach, did the updo and just made the evening a total party.

Sarah Hinshe, who rocked two dozen roses into a bouquet with only a velcro tie and a pair of safety scissors.

And finally, my two favorite second shooters, Tim Hinsche and Ron Washington for saying “yes.”




This is how it all went down.  We wanted to shoot on the lake at dusk, but the problem was the disparity of light between our background and subject. No problem, for Tim, the lighting wizard.


Two shoot through umbrellas and several pocket wizards . . . lots of experimentation . . . check it out. Tim was really stoked to get the time and opportunity to tweak the lighting, and Ron and I were happy to stand back and watch Tim totally in his element.



And them we stopped down the aperture to block out more of the ambient light and pull more from the off camera lights.



Aperture stopped WAYYY down makes it look like a studio shot. But it’s really dusk, straight out of camera.



Two light stands, two reflectors, two shoot through umbrellas with SB800’s attached and a beautiful bride, and what I really want you to know, reader, is this is why I surround myself with top photographers that have a different aesthetic and expertise than mine. {Read . . .  I just woo the best photographers in the area to come with me} That way my clients WIN, big time . . . and I learn continually.


Next shoot out has something to do with Baltimore City, a lighting set up, and patience to wait for something exciting to happen.

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