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Livin’ Without a Net.

As he tells it, he was living out of his car, working three jobs and scrambling to get auditions going in the City of Angels before he was forced to move back east and eat crow with his Dad, who wanted him to be a scientist from the get go.  Then, he made the choice to believe that God had planted those dreams in his heart to bring them to fruition, and he started living without a net.  Quit his jobs, grabbed his guitar and started busking on the streets. Day one. Made (to the dollar) enough to pay the motorcycle payment.  And the snowball started rolling down the hillside. Ten years later, he’s settled into a principle role in Broadway’s Lion King, and loves every single performance.  James and my Carl have weathered their journeys together,  and they both take every chance they can to remind each other to live without a net.


Got me thinking. How do I live without a net?

Four years ago, Andrea asked me a loaded question.

“What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?”

“I’d be a photographer. For real,” I answered quickly, without really thinking too much about it.

“What’s stopping you?”

hmmm. I could have answered that question with tons of valid excuses.

But it came down to fear. Fear that I’d fail.

It’s living without a net. Knowing that Jesus is the net above me, beside me, before me, behind me . . . and that at every turn, He already knew it was coming and has it covered. (and believe me, there have been some hairpin turns on the journey). It’s trusting that He knows exactly what I need even better than I. So, as long as I stay connected, take the steps through the open doors, windows and crevices . . . and dream big huge dreams . . . I’m living without the net.

But it’s also about surrounding myself with the voice of truth on all sides. It’s about loving myself . . . the shortcomings, the wrinkles, the things I let slide, and things I hold dear to.

It’s about letting my freak flag fly . . .

So, what would YOU do if you knew you couldn’t fail???

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