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Memorial Day Thank You.

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day weekend:)
I am a grateful lady this morning, and just wanted to say thank you for supporting me through the last couple of years. Why I am grateful?? For a plethora of reasons. Mostly because every step of my journey through separation and divorce, God has sent a team to walk by my side. Honestly, I never went into my marriage EVER believing that it could turn out this way . . . so thank you for walking beside me and not judging me.
Today, I am grateful that Carl and I have a healthy relationship. I am grateful that I live in a beautiful home (still with Mom and Dad) , have relationships with all of my children and have tasted the love of family and friends. I am thankful that God has answered my prayers every step of the way.
Just a quick story to demonstrate God’s faithfulness. Well, two actually . . .
In March, I was booked to shoot a wedding in Columbia, Maryland. I love shooting, and this bride was a former student of mine, so I was super excited. However,  because of that booking, I was unable to travel with my family to New Jersey to participate in the memorial service for Gi-Gi, who passed at 102.  That made me a little sad, but what made me sadder was that I also had to pay a sitter to take my kids for the day, while I was out behind my lens. They went to the movies, out for dinner and had family time in front of the telly. I realized that day that I am tired of being out shooting events while my kids are with caretakers. And I purposed to change that as quickly as possible. God is faithful. I am still shooting weddings . . . so keep me in mind, but God has made other provision for me.
Second story:
Just two days ago, I loaded the kids in my 2003 Jetta to take them to their elementary end of year choral concert. For the umpteenth time in the life of that car, it would not start. How did I react? I smiled. Really hugely. Because earlier that day, I had received a call from my girlfriend, Wendy explaining that I had qualified that day to receive a monthly $500 Lexus bonus from our company, Nerium AD, as a compensation for sharing this incredible product. (I have watched this product do its magic on those very dear to me . . . I’ve even included photos)  Mom, Dad and I will go Lexus shopping today. Yes, we made it to the concert. (thanks Dad!) and yes, I am grateful for all of it.
Because what I’ve realized is that I’ve had every single thing I’ve needed at my fingertips this whole scary journey. The kids and I have had food to eat, a home in which to live, family and friends that love us . . . but more importantly, I’ve had the peace, courage, and joy inside to walk every single day.
If God had told me that at 46, I’d be a single mother of eight, living in the basement of my parents’ home, I’d look at him and say “thanks but no thanks.” But I am happy to say I am content.
Actually, that’s a lie. I am way more than content. I am pretty daggone happy.
The only thing I can control is my thoughts.
The only day I have is this one.
The only thing I want to tell you this morning is thank you.
I am grateful.


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