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My Favorite Things.



One of the most fun things about living in a friend’s home {for me} is to see how a fellow sojourner keep the wheels on the cart. So, here are a couple of nuggets that I stole from Katy and my week as a Needham-ite.


1. My Citizen’s Eco Drive watch. I actually bought mine last time I was with Katy. I was notorious for killing my watch batteries- but this one is powered by light. It hasn’t failed me yet.

2. Garmin e-Trex GPS. I also bought this last time I was with Katy, and heard all about the Dirks’ geo-caching adventures. That’s when our family experienced this great FREE family hobby. We love it because we can ALL participate.

3.  Larabars. Where have you been my whole life?? 100% fruits and nuts. I’m on a quest to get a case for school lunches. Cherry pie wins the gold star.

4. I know what I want for Christmas. Usually, I’m fantasizing about a new mop or vacuum.  {i know, it’s that “thing” i inherited from my parents} But NOW, I want a label maker. I’m trying really hard not to label some things in my life, but I DO want to exert total labeling on my closets. My heart beats faster when I see a closet like this:)


p.s. this summer I did fall in love. It’s a Simplicity. I got my used, refurbished, and I’m totally smitten!! vacuum love.

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