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My Net.


Way back in ’83, two brothers took two girls from neighboring towns out on a double date . . . out for Chinese food at Fan’s on Main Street. The boys didn’t pan out. Our friendship did. Meet Ann.

When the rug was pulled out from under her fairytale, I watched this one find truth and walk on like a warrior. When my time comes, I want as much strength and transparency as Alysse.

She’d put egg whites in her hair, pull out her hairdryer and go to town. Then she’d head down to Hammerjacks. She’s my girl that knows all the words to the songs we grew up with and got our hearts broken with. And every time she texts me, I laugh out loud. Kim.

And, who else would be enough of a friend to lean over in the middle of an end-of-the-year kids’ program . . . while they are reciting their Bible verses . . . and whisper . . .”that blush is horrible on you. you look like Barbie!” My girl, Jenn.


Girlfriends.  We know each other and love each other just the same.

Got your net in place?


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