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Oriole CRUSH!

It was an evening that we will never forget. If you can put the Orioles and God all in one big box and wrap them up with a bow, it would be this night, but I’ve learned time and again that God won’t stay in that box.

Here’s how it all went down . . . I’ve worked with Brian and Diana Roberts the past couple of years at Helping Up Mission, and my son, Will, has become such a fan of Brian Roberts, both as athlete and man. Will was over the moon excited to hear that Brian would be in the dugout on this night . . . soon to be back on the field!! Brian and Diana take every opportunity they can to give back and tonight it was our turn to receive the blessing as guests to the game of Will’s choice.

Of course this was his dream game!


The night was picture perfect.


Sam met this guy at will call and truly believed that he was Nacho Libre! Can I tell you, he’s been at me all morning to find him a similar mask??

Round about 10 pm, Sam was getting very tired and expressing to me that it wasn’t fair that when his brothers caught their foul balls, he wouldn’t be able to be tall enough to get his, and he knew that they wouldn’t share with him. I said, “Sam . . . look at all the people in this ballpark. Do you know how many will go home without having caught a foul ball? Do you really think one of your siblings will be catching a ball tonight?”

Sam looked me square in the eye and said, “Yes. of course.”

It wasn’t five seconds later that one of the Yankees tipped a foul and it sailed right to my thirteen year old, Will, who caught it barehanded!!! Our hearts were all pounding and all the scrambling fans were high fiving Will!

That’s the power of belief! Sam had full belief, even when I did not, and ┬áthat ball right came to his brother’s hand.

The couple in front of me turned around and said, “We just overheard that whole conversation! That was the wildest thing we’ve ever seen!”

God is always teaching me. My kids are always teaching me. I am truly humbled.







And yes, Will shared with Sam!



What an evening. What a God. I am one blessed mamma!!!

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  • deb

    This is one of your best, Kath! i love it! (and you) (and the “littles”) oxoxoxoReplyCancel

  • deb

    Kathy, it’s just me horning in…..what a beautiful person you are with such a beautiful family!! JimReplyCancel

  • My Kathy, I woke up this morning with terror in my heart about the fast upcoming procedures and surgery for my breast cancer. Then I saw your email about asking Tyler to make the July 25 September Song “Annie” dress rehearsal and noticed your blog address. What a blessing! I had Jack look at it with me because he is SUCH an Orioles fan! Your beautiful telling of a very “special” night moved me to tears and now I do not feel as afraid. I know that God will be there all the way with me. Thank you for being my wonderful and “special” friend. Your children and you are a beautiful light in my life. Love to you and to your family, JoanReplyCancel

    • Baltimore | DC Wedding Photographer Kathy Freundel

      Joan, God has you in the palm of His hand . . . I will be praying for you and just love you to pieces:)ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for being “you”. You are a blessing from God. Love, JoanReplyCancel