Loco Hombre.

My sistas are going a lil loco.

KD discovered she had a broken craft cart which perpetuated her need to raize the entire house, repaint all fingered printed surfaces in variated smokey shades of gray. At just such time, leadership from her school stopped by to deliver a teacher appreciation gift. She smiled, said thank you and kept going.

RR learned her teenaged son did not shower for eight days . . . scary part?No stinko. How much odorama can a boy-man work up with a steady diet of computer games? Feeling frisky on her daily walk, a neighbor complimented her camo sweat pants- the ones that were pilling past their prime. How do I know this? We’ve been trading phone shots of the traveling sweats since we bought them on clearance together. She, too, smiled, said thank you and kept going.

These are my people. They real real- unafraid to say it out loud, laugh at it, and keep trudging onward. I am drawn to such as these. Next time I smile and say thank you, you will be wondering . . .

To all the mothers out there who got out of bed this morning . . . I celebrate you! It’s our weekend- let’s go big!

My celebration weekend was kicked off by an kayak adventure, a couple of On Point coffee and vanilla stouts and a plethora of photos. My idea of bliss these days. Thank you, handsome.

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