Seventy Nine.

My 7th grade year was a big one. Robbie Pearre played “Wipe Out” on the drum set at the end of a hot and sweaty spring concert in the gym at West Middle. The same spring my north Jersey Grandma introduced me to Broadway. It was Chorus Line at the Shubert. I sang every word (even the bad ones) in the station wagon driving north. The following summer, sitting in the grandstand at Westminster High School, I was introduced to DCI, and the heart stopping, soul waking brass wall of sound that still brings me to tears. Oh, you’ve never tried it? Well, here you go.

Kay Tilden, Marcia Herbert, Jim Paxton and Rick Stimmel . . . you introduced me to The Dixie Dregs, Rush, Hank Levy, Ginger Baker, Rimsky Korsakov, and Steven Sondheim. Thank you for the hugest gift.

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