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Racer X.

My guess is it’s pretty hard when you’re number seven of eight to feel like you’re the special one. And for Isaiah, six . . . it’s quality time that fills his tank. The other thing about Isaiah these days is that he tells me at least once a day, “Mommy, don’t leave . . . you know I have separation issues.” (his exact words . . . wonder when he overheard me say that??)

So . . . Carl and I have been purposeful this summer about doing some confidence building with our little man. And our friend, David gave us the perfect opportunity. Long story short, I bought a car from David a month ago.  I was only going out to look . . . he must be a really good salesman or I am really impetuous. Maybe both.

Yes, both.

But, it was a big win for our family . . . especially Isaiah. Because David has this whole skill set that passed  by our entire family . . . and he’s willing to share it with us.

We were hanging out at a festival in Littlestown, PA . . . chillin’ on the front porch of David’s lot, Automotive Alternatives. Carl and some guys were playing music, the kids were hosting a bake sale/ lemonade stand, and we got on the subject of gokart riding. I remembered our friends had a renegade gokart in their garage they had been trying to unload. . . so a couple of texts later, we were heading over with the trailer to start our project.

Fast forward one day . . . and David has the project ready for Isaiah to tackle.


Best part? Isaiah got to do some of the repair work . . .


And, David gave a minimal driving lesson . . .

. . . and then let Isaiah figure out a whole bunch of things on his own. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time, watching Isaiah experiment and gain confidence, little by little.




As we were leaving, Isaiah said to me in the car . . . “Mommy, next time you don’t have to stay. Mr. David and I can take care of things just fine.” Happy mamma.

Sometimes I am humbled at the gifts I receive. Gifts I don’t even ask for. And when your child is the recipient, it’s even sweeter. Thank you, thank you, thank you, David. We are grateful.

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