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Rani Ruby. Annapolis Interior Designer.

Meet Blue.  He is the coolest French Bull Dog in the world.  He used to be the craziest French Bull dog in the world, but he’s getting a little help these days. Sometimes we all need a little help.





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Meet Rani.  I’ve known her since she was in middle school.  I think I may have slipped her a wine cooler one time at a post theatre event.  Don’t judge.  She was NOT in middle school at the time.

Rani has been by my side for many years now.  She was my first friend when I moved to Annapolis with Beau. She included me in her reading club, her social circle and made me feel a part of the action.  She was the first one who arrived at the house when Beau passed away. In her care package she had Graul’s chicken salad, a container of trail mix and a couple bottles of wine.  She just shows up, like my sister Nancy.

We had a full day together yesterday, in the Annapolis sunshine, running around to Rani’s design properties.  The in between involved our keeping it real.  Because after all, every single one of us in this lifetime is served up a big plate of crap alongside a big plate of the choicest morsels.  We are all the same.  It’s the plate from which we graze that will determine the trajectory of our lives.  You may look at Rani and be envious, because her home on the water is STUNNING, her children are beautiful, her husband is respected and devoted, she sings and acts and is drop dead gorgeous. And that’s just the outside. However, I will tell you, dear reader, she is dealing with some heavy shit. And it hurts. And I am honored to be her sounding board, for she has been mine many times.

That’s why it’s my tagline . . .

We’re not all the same, but we’re all in the same boat. 


And it’s a beautiful journey, full of dips and turns and unexpected storms, but I wouldn’t want to be in any other boat.

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