Shilling Family. Annapolis.

I decided this summer that my kids needed to know their second cousins, so we spent vacation time with them on the Choptank River, where Nancy, Andy and I learned to swim. Wanna know how? My Dad threw us off the boat and told us to swim back, and I love him for it! We also learned to crab, waterski and appreciate fresh seafood on the Choptank.

It was cousins redux, this time in Annapolis, spending an entire evening with my first cousins, Syndy and Steve, Julie and Bobby, and Brian and Kate and a whole tribe of kiddos.

We’ve all grown in so many ways. We laugh at our shortcomings . . .the times when we’ve fought and cried with and in front of each other . . . we’ve shared lots of weddings and funerals by this point.  We allow ourselves to buy store bought food, even with Bobby, the area’s BEST chef sitting right at the table (I’ll fess up . . . at least it was a Pellman), we don’t get too excited when our kids come crying or protesting. We are about the love, the memories and the acceptance, and it’s a beautiful journey.

Life is short. Family is precious. I love mine.





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  • Syndy

    Love these pics!!!! And love you!ReplyCancel

  • deb edge

    Oh, Kath! Family. This makes me cry. Family thru your heart and eyes…can’t get any better than this. i love it. oxoxoxReplyCancel

  • Kate Horle

    These are awesome. What a fun evening with you all!ReplyCancel

  • Dear Kathy,
    I just celebrated MY birthday (and finishing up with my radiation treatments) in Ashley’s new and beautiful house in Titusville, PA. Rani and two of her boys (Max & Cole) were there with Jack and me and Ashley & her husband, Joe. I now have the most beautiful memory, filled with love and laughter, etched in my heart forever. God is good. I love you, JoanReplyCancel