Driving Slow on Sunday Morning.

Driving slow on Sunday morning/ and I never want to leave.

-A. Levine

Know what I mean? It was a gorgeous weekend, fil with some of my favorite things . . . a job shooting photos at gorgeous wedding  in Worthington Valley horse country, a really special latte, the hope of summertime before me, and my kiddos return later that evening. Oh, and there was even a yard sale at the fire department where I bought two gorgeous frames for my work.   Driving home I got the urge to pull over and shoot for ME. Why do I forget to do that? There is a bar on the water in Dundalk with an imposing blue wave edifice that I’ve said I’m going to shoot at sunrise for months now and it hasn’t happened.  However, I could make this one happen.   Glyndon on Sunday morning is a slice of Americana. And the graffiti out back was just as inspiring.  I stood staring at the “foolish” art for quite some time.  Coming directly from the Sagamore event I was struck with this truth.  There are power girls out there who believe they are Queen Bees.  I am a vendor.  I work hard. I scramble.  Often, I work for over eight hours and get a turkey sandwich, and it is the BEST tasting sandwich in the world.  The other vendors and servers?. . .they are my favorites; we work hard as a team, we joke, we smile and it’s fun. However, I will occasionally see a leader condescend, disrespect and be bossy with us.  That is so distasteful. My grandfather and father taught me the value of hard work (they were farmers, after all) and I am grateful every single day for the way they taught me respect for the man (or woman) who is busting his back trying to support his family.  That is all. I choose to surround myself with the workers, not the bosses. My goal every single day is to focus on the beauty and let the irritations slide. Because, after all, we each get a plate of beautiful and a plate of crap in this lifetime.  I want to eat off the plate of beautiful every single meal, and I do. KLP_6434-2

KLP_6441-2KLP_6432-2smith island-

Smith Island Shanty, 2017

This shot was taken the last time I took a trip specifically to fill my photographer’s soul.


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