Snow Day.


I love when our lives shut down for a big snow. It’s like  bonus days of catch-up/ snuggle days smack in the middle of winter. A little bit of productive . . . a whole lot of chillin’.

So, I think we got about 30″ this time. After digging out yesterday . . . yes, I’m a little sore across the shoulders today . . . we’re all set to be hunkered down. Finished research papers on T.S. Eliot and John Steinbeck. Now we’re onto melting popsicles for the science fair. Played Apples to Apples . . .watched a couple of movies . . . .alphabetized my spice cupboard . . . finished a book . . . oh, yea, and marinating some wings for the Superbowl tonight. And did I mention that this family can eat??? A huge pot of vegetable soup . . . double batch of noodles and marinara . . . gone. 🙂

And just look at the fun Micheal’s having in snow way over his head . . .


Sam knows he’s beat, so it’s a completely different attitude.


It’s all in the outlook. Hope you’re making the most of it!meg-4

Happy Snow Days!

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